We do our best with site requests, but unfortunately we can not fully guarantee that you will receive your request.  Sometimes things happen out of our control that inhibit us from being able to fulfill certain requests.  For example, if someone is in the site you requested the day before you arrive and they choose not to leave on their scheduled date of departure, it would be impossible for us to move that RV before you arrived that day.
Colonial Williamsburg Gardens
Try our beautiful Premium Sites
Premium Sites #70-77 - OUR MOST POPULAR SITES!
Widened by 6-8 feet of usable space, new landscaping timbers, 
fresh gravel, and lava rock!  Super clean and razor-sharp!
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Expanded Legend in order of site popularity and guest reviews
Premium Sites
(Any size RV) - 50/30 amp WES*, WIFI, CABLE - #21, 39, 40, 46, 70-77
Complete Sites
(Any size RV) - 50/30 amp WES*, WIFI, CABLE - #10, 20, 41-45, 50-56
Small RV Pull-Thru/Back-In Sites
(RV/Pop-ups 29 ft & under) - 50/30 amp WES*, WIFI, CABLE - #22-28, 32-38
Standard Sites
(RVs 32 ft & under) - 30 amp WES*, WIFI - #60-67
Tent Sites
(Tents/RV 25 ft & under) 50/30/20 amp WE*, WIFI, CABLE - #1-9

*WES = Water, Electric, Sewer ~ *WE = Water, Electric